Thursday, August 16, 2007

The Garden

Starting in the summer of 2005, Rabbis Ken Chasen and Josh ("Yoshi") Zweiback of Mah Tovu have come to Camp Newman in Santa Rosa, California, to record an original song. The vocalists featured on the song are campers, staff, and faculty of Camp Newman. At the end of their visit, the song is debuted for the entire camp community. All those who helped with the recording return home with a CD of the song. The song is then put on the Camp Newman website.

This year's song, "The Garden," was originally written for Israel in the Gardens, 2007, as part of its "Green Israel" theme.
Forty-seven campers and staff appear on "The Garden."

Lyrics and Music by Ken Chasen and Josh Zweiback (c) 2007
Based on Genesis 2:15

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"The Garden"

I brought you to the garden
And I showed you the way
I told you what I wanted
On that very first day
It was clear as the water
You knew it in your heart
So go back to the start

L’ovdah u’l’shomra*
Hear the call
To serve and protect it all

In the cool rains of April
In the blue summer sky
And the orange glow of autumn
‘fore the winter winds' cry
Throughout all the heavens
In the deep dark of space
There is nowhere like this place

L’ovdah u’l’shomra*
Hear the call
To serve and protect it all

Can you not see the garden?
Does the fog blind your eye?
If the wonder escapes you
You must pause and ask why.
It’s a timeless treasure
A trust to recognize.
It is time to arise

L’ovdah u’l’shomra*
Hear the call
To serve and protect it all
L’ovdah u’l’shomra
Hear the call
To serve and protect
With love and respect
To serve and protect it all

*"To serve and protect"--According to the Torah, this is God's commandment to humanity to care for the earth.

"The Garden" was recorded at Camp Newman, August 9-15, 2007


Piano, Ken Chasen
Bass, Ken Chasen
Drum programming, Ken Chasen and Josh Zweiback
Orchestral programming and arrangement, Gordon Lustig
Guitars, Gordon Lustig

Produced, arranged, recorded, and mixed by Ken Chasen and Josh Zweiback


Michelle Pastor
Julianne Rutz
Emma Hollis
Toby Pechner
Ben Chasen
Isa Zweiback


Elyssa Alfi
Adam Allenberg
Reuben Bank
Aliana Baskin
Josh Bogomilsky
Sam Breakstone Tunick
Liam Brodie
Noah Casey
Hannah Castaldo
Micah Chasen
Dimitri Chesne
Jack Davis
Rachel Eckhaus
Joseph Eichel
Sarah Fadem
Danielle Fisher
Stacey Friedman
Sylvie Gitin
Justine Glaser
Nathan Glovinsky
Rebekah Goodman
Aitan Grossman
Tatiana Grossman
Sarah Grossman
Grace Haggerty
Rebecca Jeffries
Jordana Katzki
Sam Kon
Allison Lee
Ami Levy
Aaron Levy-Wolins
Tori Liberman
Katherine Luzar
Lauren Marias
Gavin Paradise
Ben Pridonoff
Jacob Rabin
Hannah Reff
Josh Schenck
Alayna Schenck
Russell Star-Lack
Ethan Tasch
Hannah Tobin-Bloch
Molly Vener
Rachel Waldman
Rachel Waldman
Jason Welsh
Clara Wolfe
Emma Wolfe
Rachel Wolff
Sarah Wolff

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